Our Lives are so Short and Time is so Precious
What if there was a way to remember the best times every week?
Have you ever wanted to create your family’s history, but you felt you never had enough time? Do you have a loved one you want to give the gift of remembrance to? In our fast-paced society, we have a tendency to let time slip away, to let technology eat our precious time with our family members and forget so many of the memories we always meant to journal, but never did. With fifty two memories, you have an opportunity to not only remember those precious moments before they fade, but to share them with your loved ones. In just five minutes a day! Plus, you get the benefit of a coach to remind you that it’s time to record each memory. 

Gather Materials
Remember the best times and the hard times with your family and make a record you will treasure forever. 
Record Memories
Record 52 different memories to give to your loved one each week in the year
Make a History
Keep the memories in a special place to build someonthing special for your family
My Story
Give the best kind of gift. Give something that will matter to the important people in your life. 

When my daughter left for college, I was missing her a great deal. I was so happy she was doing great things but such a big part of me went with her when she left. She began sending me an email every week with one of these memories. She usually fit it in between her homework, who knows maybe I was her homework. These memories helped me get through my missing her. Whenever I missed her, I would reread those emails and know she was thinking about me and all the times we shared together. It was so comforting and such a gift. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact it had on me.

I then turned around the next year and did it for my mom because I hoped to let her experience those same feelings. Funny thing, with each memory, I was able to relive them as well. Because my mom is older, instead of email, I had a letter sitting on her plate every week at Sunday dinner. Sometimes she waited and took them home to read, other times we read it right away and then we all got to share in the memory and add our thoughts. I then gave her a copy and kept one for myself so I had those memories too! 

It's more than a gift for your loved one, it is also a gift for you. It was also a way for me to create the beginning of a personal history for her and the rest of my family. Gratitude for the person you are writing to is another great benefit you will receive doing this and you can share that with them at the end of your memory each week. 

You can do this alone for an individual or gather your children and have them contribute too. You could get all your siblings to participate and each week have everyone add a paragraph to the topic for a parent or grandparent. Make it work for you.

This gift changed me and my family! It was one of the best things I have ever received or given. Let me help you give it too!
How it Works 
Step One:
Get a Topic Every Week
Get different topics each week, with everything from recipes to sports to different holidays. I will start you thinking with examples, quotes, ideas and even some music to get your mind going. 
Step Two:
Remember the Good Times
Record a Memory for your loved one. Get creative. You can write for a paragraph, take an instagram photo, even record a video. 
Step Three:
Grow Closer Together
Deliver the memories in any way that works for you. Use Facebook groups, or text messages, or even letters. Just make sure you keep a copy for your family history.
Weekly Reminders
Each week, you record a short paragraph about a favorite memory, perhaps a recipe, sport or holiday. 
Memory Coaching
Every week you will receive an email reminder that it is time to think about that week’s gift. You can then log on to the membership site and go get your weekly ideas. 
Keep it Really Simple
Keep it really simple. I would suggest at least a paragraph but probably no more than a page. If you miss a week don’t let it stress you, pick right back up the next one. 
Use in Many Ways
There are so many ways you can deliver this. You can email, deliver a physical letter, post on a FB family page every week, use an Instagram account, or even create a short 1 minute video. 
If Fifty-Two memories cause you a little stress, STOP and let me tell you how I come in. My job is to be your cheerleader, coach, supporter and reminder! 
So Many Ideas
 I have created ideas that will typically offer up several options every week for you to write about. I will start you thinking with examples, quotes, ideas and even some music to get your mind going.
Connect Weekly with Your Loved One through These Incredible Memories. Build new memories as you remember your old ones
Record History
Save everything you create to build a personalized history for your family. You will treasure these memories to pass on to future generations.
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